Weekly Development Update

Hello awesome people. Every week there is a development update that is made for the server. It will show all the changes that has happened to the server throughout that week. Each week a post will be made stating the changes.The changes are made in 3 categories. Bug Fixes, Additions, Retractions.

Bug fixes are things that are considered bugs to the developers that were, obviously, fixed. They will be things like incorrect colours in the chat, all the way to fixing server-breaking dupe glitches. If you were to find a bug in game that we didn’t know about and the information is useful to us, you will be rewarded based on the severity of the bug. Bug fixes can be reported on the Discord Server. Which you can join by clicking here.

The Additions include things that were added to the server. This will include changes to add more functionality to the server or the additions of plugins on the server. While the server is in beta you may experience issues with this new additions, so if you were to experience issues then join the Discord and someone will help you out. Also if you were to have any more suggestions then just join the Discord and head to the suggest channel. There you can type ,suggest <suggestion> and people will vote on whether it should be added.

The final category is Retractions. This are simply things that were removed from the server, this being features or plugins that were eventually removed. They will always be removed for a good reason either in place for something better, or as they are causing the server significant problems. Usually there isn’t many things that are removed from the server, though if they are then you will know about it.

Each week this list will be posted as well as a copy of this information about it. This is to provide a bit of transparency for the players on the server so they know what’s going on. Remember that Plexus is built for the players and if you were to have a significant problem with any of these then just pop on to the Discord and we can have a chat.

  • [Addition] Added the Number of Votes until you get a Vote Party to the Featherboard
  • [Addition] Added the command /ta to Toggle the Automatic Announcements in chat
  • [Addition] Rendered the Flat World in the Plexus Map
  • [Addition] The Survival Server was updated to 1.16.2, this included 23 Plugin Updates
  • [Addition] When a player goes AFK, it will show AFK before their name in the Tab Menu
  • [Addition] Changed the layout of /shop to be a bit mire symmetrical
  • [Addition] Built a Portal Room in the end that looks really awesome.
  • [Addition] Added Block Protection in the End Portal Room
  • [Addition] Remade and Updated the Fishing Plugin for 1.16. This was a pain.
  • [Addition] Moved the Spawn area to a new world, to work on the New Spawn for 1.16
  • [Addition] Updated the /spawn command to teleport you to the new spawn.
  • [Addition] Moved the NPCs from the old Spawn to the new Spawn
  • [Addition] Added a “Sell Wand” to the shop, you can buy it, right-click chests and automatically sell all the contents at once.
  • [Addition] Changed the plugin that handles Lock Chests from Modern-LWC to LWC-Extended to allow for more features.
  • [Addition] Added “Sell Wands” to the “Special Shop” in /shop
  • [Addition] Added a /map command to take you to the Plexus Map
  • [Addition] Updated The Withdraw Plugin
  • [Addition] Updated the Lottery Plugin
  • [Addition] Made it so the in-game chat in the Discord looks a bit nicer
  • [Addition] The Tab Menu will now display the players nickname they set
  • [Addition] Made the default map view in the Plexus Map Surface instead of Flat
  • [Addition] Changed the Towny default messages to be Plexus Themed
  • [Addition] Updated the Custom Menu Plugin
  • [Addition] Added a custom reload command for the Custom Command Plugin to make it easier for developers
  • [Addition] Updated the Hologram Plugin
  • [Addition] Updated the TownyGUI Plugin
  • [Addition] Updated the Custom Crafting Plugin
  • [Addition] Made it so Towns are Taxed every 24 hours with the same cost as the Upkeep
  • [Addition] Added a Temporary warp to the nether, you can do by doing /warp nether
  • [Addition] Made it so the Builder Rank can change their own Gamemode without changing other people’s Gamemode
  • [Bug Fix] The /kits menu wasn’t showing you had access to specific kits. It now shows that
  • [Bug Fix] Changed the Drop Prevention Failure Messs. It would say “This isn’t the original Pickaxe”. It has been changed to “This isn’t the original Item”
  • [Bug Fix] The Discord Link wasn’t working when you did /staff and /discord. This has been fixed
  • [Bug Fix] There is a random white line in the Tab Menu. This was removed
  • [Bug Fix] Teleportation Scroll has been updated to teleport you to the new End Location
  • [Bug Fix] When you hover over the first link in the vote. It says MCServerList instead of MineBrowse. This has been fixed
  • [Bug Fix] The chat plugin was adding an extra colour code to the prefill message when you click the players name. This was removed
  • [Bug Fix] When you purchase an item in the shop, there are two dollar signs in chat. There is one now
  • [Bug Fix] Remove the double dollar signs from the /shop inside the shop items. Made it so their is only one item.
  • [Bug Fix] It wasn’t possible to receive the cash notes in the Crates after the 1.16 update. This has been fixed
  • [Bug Fix] Gave users permission to do /map as they didn’t have permission
  • [Bug Fix] /spawn was coming up red in chat though it still worked
  • [Bug Fix] There was some spam in console which was removed
  • [Bug Fix] When someone was De-opped on the server, it would kick everyone on the server. This was fixed
  • [Retraction] The End Portal was disabled as the 1.16 update broke the custom end fight. This will be added back soon
  • [Retraction] Removed the “What is this place?” Message when you enter the End
  • [Retraction] Made it so all the ranks in game (including staff ranks) aren’t bold in chat. Because it looks disgusting
  • [Retraction] Removed the Floating Holograms above spawn from the old spawn
  • [Retraction] Had to temporarily disable nether portals as they were crashing the server