Weekly Development Update

Hello awesome people. Every week there is a development update that is made for the server. It will show all the changes that has happened to the server throughout that week. Each week a post will be made stating the changes. The changes are made in 3 categories. Bug Fixes, Additions, Retractions.

Bug fixes are things that are considered bugs to the developers that were, obviously, fixed. They will be things like incorrect colours in the chat, all the way to fixing server-breaking dupe glitches. If you were to find a bug in game that we didn’t know about and the information is useful to us, you will be rewarded based on the severity of the bug. Bug fixes can be reported on the Discord Server. Which you can join by clicking here.

The Additions include things that were added to the server. This will include changes to add more functionality to the server or the additions of plugins on the server. While the server is in beta you may experience issues with this new additions, so if you were to experience issues then join the Discord and someone will help you out. Also if you were to have any more suggestions then just join the Discord and head to the suggest channel. There you can type ,suggest <suggestion> and people will vote on whether it should be added.

The final category is Retractions. This are simply things that were removed from the server, this being features or plugins that were eventually removed. They will always be removed for a good reason either in place for something better, or as they are causing the server significant problems. Usually there isn’t many things that are removed from the server, though if they are then you will know about it.

Each week this list will be posted as well as a copy of this information about it. This is to provide a bit of transparency for the players on the server so they know what’s going on. Remember that Plexus is built for the players and if you were to have a significant problem with any of these then just pop on to the Discord and we can have a chat.

The list is ordered pretty much from the oldest to the newest of each category.

  • [Addition] Made a GUI called toggleables, where players can change all the settings of their gameplay, like disabling things and stuff
  • [Addition] Made an RTP limit and a cooldown
  • [Addition] Revised the townychat command. Made a single chat for each of the teams. Removed moderator and admin and replaced it for moderation team. Added a shorter command for townychat, “/tc”
  • [Addition] Made it so the /ping commands says to look in the tab list
  • [Addition] Redid the fish tournament messages
  • [Addition] Adjusted custom drops amount
  • [Addition] Redid custom drops
  • [Addition] Redid the custom drops GUI (/customitems) based on the new rates
  • [Addition] Reduced digging mcmmo 10%
  • [Addition] Reduced exp gain in digging by 8 times
  • [Addition] Updated the shop plugin
  • [Addition] Changed the price of gunpowder from 15 to 8
  • [Addition] Changed the shop’s chat prefix
  • [Addition] Made it so that players have permission to teleport to their Death Chest 5 minutes before the restart
  • [Addition] Added a 30 second warning to the restart
  • [Addition] Finished the explorer job completely, new values and much more balanced
  • [Addition] Added new plexus crate
  • [Addition] Updated the home page of the store
  • [Addition] Changed crate positions
  • [Addition] Added custom /pl command, to show all the servers features
  • [Addition] Redid all the /shop shops so they look nicer and have more features
  • [Addition] Completely finished the crates category at the store
  • [Addition] Added player join streaks to count how many days in a row players have joined
  • [Addition] Added new daily reward system, the more times in a row you collect the reward, the better it gets
  • [Addition] Added rewards npc at spawn
  • [Addition] Added aliases for the /reward command like /daily and /rewards
  • [Addition] Updated the jobs plugin
  • [Addition] Added custom unknown command message to all commands you’re not allowed to do
  • [Addition] Added streaks to the scoreboard and when you hover over a players name
  • [Addition] Added 1.16.3 support
  • [Addition] Set RTP delay to 30 seconds
  • [Addition] Added block particles to the crates and the mystery box
  • [Addition] Made the crates colored shulker boxes
Bug Fixes
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the “You can not afford this head” error that comes up when you try to buy a head at /heads
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed discord.plexusmc.net
  • [Bug Fix] Decreased the rate at which mobs spawn in the resource and the nether
  • [Bug Fix] The top vote link said minecraft server list when you hover, made it say minebrowse.com
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed /perks
  • [Bug Fix] Made the vote message the same theme as the plexus messages
  • [Bug Fix] Made the boss sound less loud, have it be a little click
  • [Bug Fix] Made it so people can private send message links
  • [Bug Fix] The OS Boss didn’t drop the Silk
  • [Bug Fix] Made it so achievements/advancements don’t show up in chat
  • [Bug Fix] When someone lists something on the auctionhouse, made it so it doesn’t message everyone on the server, it was annoying
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the double dollar sign in epic heads
  • [Bug Fix] Made heads messages plexus themed
  • [Bug Fix] The overlord only had 10 playervaults, not 20
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the crate holograms too low
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed gadgetsmenu not working
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed players not being able to do /plot
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed players not being able to do /gadgets
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the head shop not able to buy heads
  • [Bug Fix] Updated server jar
  • [Retraction] Removed the announcement message that says someone is opening a mystery box
  • [Retraction] Removed access to create towns at spawn
  • [Retraction] Removed the notification and message for the drop
  • [Retraction] Removed the do not repeate same or similar message
  • [Retraction] Removed achievements from chat
  • [Retraction] Removed all commands you can’t do from the tab complete
  • [Retraction] Removed old plexus crate
  • [Retraction] Removed gholo plugin
  • [Retraction] Removed all bungeecord tab complete messages except for /server
  • [Retraction] Removed rank from the scoreboard, and added it before the players name in the scoreboard

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