Weekly Development Update

Hello awesome people. Every week there is a development update that is made for the server. It will show all the changes that has happened to the server throughout that week. Each week a post will be made stating the changes. The changes are made in 3 categories. Bug Fixes, Additions, Retractions.

Bug fixes are things that are considered bugs to the developers that were, obviously, fixed. They will be things like incorrect colours in the chat, all the way to fixing server-breaking dupe glitches. If you were to find a bug in game that we didn’t know about and the information is useful to us, you will be rewarded based on the severity of the bug. Bug fixes can be reported on the Discord Server. Which you can join by clicking here.

The Additions include things that were added to the server. This will include changes to add more functionality to the server or the additions of plugins on the server. While the server is in beta you may experience issues with this new additions, so if you were to experience issues then join the Discord and someone will help you out. Also if you were to have any more suggestions then just join the Discord and head to the suggest channel. There you can type ,suggest <suggestion> and people will vote on whether it should be added.

The final category is Retractions. This are simply things that were removed from the server, this being features or plugins that were eventually removed. They will always be removed for a good reason either in place for something better, or as they are causing the server significant problems. Usually there isn’t many things that are removed from the server, though if they are then you will know about it.

Each week this list will be posted as well as a copy of this information about it. This is to provide a bit of transparency for the players on the server so they know what’s going on. Remember that Plexus is built for the players and if you were to have a significant problem with any of these then just pop on to the Discord and we can have a chat.

The list is ordered pretty much from the oldest to the newest of each category.

  • [Addition] Updated Worldedit
  • [Addition] Updated the Lottery Plugin
  • [Addition] You can now buy lottery tickets with /lotto buy <amount>
  • [Addition] Added more options of buying lottery tickets with the GUI
  • [Addition] Added a 5 Minute warning to the restart messages
  • [Addition] Added sound to each restart notification
  • [Addition] Added a 20 second warning for the Entity Removal in chat
  • [Addition] Added a welcome message for when new players join the server
  • [Addition] Adjusted the prices of wheat, seeds and cactus in the shop
  • [Addition] Increased the max hoppers per chunk to 50
  • [Addition] Adjusted the prices of ores in the shop
  • [Addition] Made it so the server only takes about a minute to restart rather then 7
  • [Addition] Drastically optimised the server startup command
  • [Addition] The random teleport portal at spawn now doesn’t have a delay
  • [Addition] Added books and firework charges to the anti drop
  • [Addition] Added the Overlord rank to /ranks
  • [Addition] Made the clearlag timer 10 minutes rather then 5 minutes
  • [Addition] Added the new kits to the kits preview menu
  • [Addition] Added the new kits to the kits preview command
  • [Addition] Rework of the RanksGUI to make it look better
  • [Addition] LWC now shows up in the Action Bar, rather then spamming chat
  • [Addition] Residents are seen inactive after 7 days
  • [Addition] If you die in your town you keep your XP and the contents of your Inventory
  • [Addition] If you die in your town you keep your XP and the contents of your Inventory
  • [Addition] Disabled PvP and Explosions in a town by default
  • [Addition] Enabled fire and mobs in a town by default
  • [Addition] New Town residents can’t interact with anything until they are given permissions
  • [Addition] The town mayor can do /plot clear to remove shop signs
  • [Addition] Added Entropy as a reward for the Fishing Tournament
  • [Addition] Added Bamboo to the Farming Shop
  • [Addition] Changed the prices of Spawners to be more balanced
  • [Bug Fix] Floating Random Teleport portals from the old spawn was removed
  • [Bug Fix] The nether was regenerated when there was an explosion. This was removed
  • [Bug Fix] The global buy message was removed as it was spamming chat
  • [Bug Fix] The boss spawning message had a lower-case b from Boss. This was changed
  • [Bug Fix] Removed when you receive a message from someone there is an extra space between the name and the :
  • [Bug Fix] Changed the Hopper messages to be the same as the rest of Plexus Messages
  • [Bug Fix] Custom Crafting wasn’t working, it is now
  • [Bug Fix] Prefixes for the crates were different from the rest of the messages in chat. This was changed
  • [Bug Fix] Changed the crate key lore from /warp crates to /crates
  • [Bug Fix] Removed the useless advanced daily crate so ops don’t spam chat
  • [Bug Fix] Disabled Auto Rankup
  • [Bug Fix] Remade the Gadgets config to fix people not receiving their gadgets
  • [Bug Fix] AFK Teleport wasn’t disabling for people in Overlord rank
  • [Bug Fix] Towny regenerates land on unclaim, this was removed
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the NPCs auto command at spawn on right-click
  • [Bug Fix] Some console spam was fixed
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed configuration error in Towny
  • [Retraction] You can no longer rename special items to prevent exploitation
  • [Retraction] Removed a mention of the plugins name in the /customitems GUI
  • [Retraction] Reduced the amount of MCMMO XP you get from mining blackstone
  • [Retraction] Removed a NickAPI plugin that was causing the server to sometimes crash
  • [Retraction] Removed that inactive residents have their plots deleted when they are kicked from the town
  • [Retraction] Removed the Baltop GUI and used the default message
  • [Retraction] Removed the /ping command as it wasn’t working (Its in tab)
  • [Retraction] Removed Take Off from the Enchants

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